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What is PURE?

In order to manage our research activities Bangor University has implemented a Research Information Management System called PURE. You may access PURE from the following URL http://pure.bangor.ac.uk. This system aims to provide solutions for both researchers themselves as well as back-office staff administering research within the University. The PURE system supports organisational efficiency and also provides a professional shop window for the University's research activity through a new research portal http://research.bangor.ac.uk. PURE draws together research information from both internal and external sources and facilitates an evidence-based approach to Bangor's research and collaboration strategies, assessment exercises RCUK and HEFCE open access compliance and real time visibility of current research activity.

PURE holds information for research active staff grouped into the following categories:

  • Research Outputs
  • Research Activities and Events
  • Research Students
  • Research Data Sets
  • Research Applications, Awards, Funding and Projects
  • Research Impact
  • Press Clippings
  • Research Equipment and Facilities
  • Researcher Expertise

This information can be linked, viewed, exported and presented in various ways to help individual researchers, research administrators and managers and external people access Bangor's research activity, for example:
  • CV's - public, private, highlighted
  • Internal and external research networks
  • External research positions
  • Academic and professional qualifications
  • Person expertise and key words associated with your research
  • Open Access Repository
  • Data feeds to your individual web pages
  • Reporting functions on information held in PURE

Project Progress

There are many elements to implement PURE in Bangor and not all can be launched at the start. The following are key elements and when we anticipate launching them.

  • Element 1 - Installation of Server Environment and Basic Set-up of PURE - COMPLETED
  • Element 2 - Synchronisation of Person Data from line of business systems - COMPLETED
  • Element 3 - Import of Legacy Publications Data - COMPLETED
  • Element 4 - Core Components: Profiles, Outputs and Impacts - COMPLETED
  • Element 5 - Trial of Core Components in one college - COMPLETED
  • Element 6 - Roll Out of Core Components to wider University - ONGOING
  • Element 7 - Advanced Portal (Portal with Bangor Specific Branding) - Expected late August 2016
  • Element 8 - Directory of Expertise - Expected before the end of 2016
  • Element 9 - Press Clippings - Expected before the end of 2016
  • Element 10 - Data Sets - Expected before the end of 2016
  • Element 11 - Enhanced Project Finance Reporting - Expected before the end of 2016
  • Element 12 - Application, Award and Project Management - No confirmed date yet

PURE Familiarisation Sessions

You are encouraged to attend one of the first set of familiarisation sessions which have now been scheduled. Each session will cover:

  • General PURE overview and navigation
  • Your personal Profile, emails & messages, the PURE portal
  • Proposing outputs for REF
  • Managing your outputs and the PURE repository
  • Managing your research Impacts and Activities
  • Opportunity for Question & Answers
Please attend the session most convenient for you taking note of any college restriction. Further training workshops will be scheduled during next semester. Some of the sessions require you to book, where you see a "Book here" link in the following table please book prior to attendance.
09/08/201614:00-15:30New Arts, Computer Room 3, Third FloorFor College of Arts and Humanities staff
10/08/201610:00-12:00Management Centre, Neuadd Alun, room A1.06For All StaffBook here
17/08/201610:00-12:00Management Centre, Neuadd Alun, room A1.06For All StaffBook here
17/08/201614:00-15:30New Arts, Computer Room 3, Third FloorFor College of Arts and Humanities staff
18/08/201612:30-14:00Menai Bridge, Dennis Crisp Seminar RoomFor College of Natural Sciences Staff
24/08/201610:00-12:00Management Centre, Neuadd Alun, room A1.06For All StaffBook here
25/08/201610:00-12:00The Brenda Chamberlain Room (LR2)For College of Arts and Humanities staff
25/08/201612:30-14:00Science Site, Thoday F1For College of Natural Sciences Staff
31/08/201610:00-12:00Management Centre, Neuadd Alun, room A1.06For All StaffBook here
07/09/201610:00-12:00Rathbone D/roomFor All StaffBook here
14/09/201610:00-12:00Rathbone D/roomFor All StaffBook here

Data Quality

Person and financial data surfaced within PURE is derived from our other line-of-business systems. If you think data about you (e.g. name, job title, department etc) is incorrect then you'll need to contact Human Resources to remedy it. Similarly financial data about research projects arrives in PURE from the finance system and any deficieincies will need to be considered by the Finance department.

Help and Support

You'll find a number of self-help guides to using PURE on this page for you to download.
For REF and general PURE related queries contact: Claire Davis, Research Assessment Manager,
For output and dataset related queries contact: Michelle Walker, Repository and Research Data Manager,
For Impact related queries contact: Impact and RCUK Officer, REO
For technical help with the PURE system contact: University IT Helpdesk.

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